Community Economic Development

community economic development

The Need by Dr Mike Gosling

Our poor, disadvantaged, and needy people in Fiji need hope, love, and service more than ever. FijiLIFE Foundation is an Australian Registered DGR Charity founded in 2021 to bring better living better life to Fijians.

April 16, 2023

Building stronger communities by encouraging small and micro business owners to flourish

FijiLIFE Foundation will consider applications for grants to new and existing micro businesses entrepreneurs in Fijian urban/rural communities, villages, and settlements. Applicants will proceed through the investee selection process, funding, training, and mentoring support empowering Fijians with pathways out of poverty.

There are many potential micro-businesses opportunities in Fiji but they often lack the capital that would allow them to start up or expand. Relatively small amounts of funding, along with some business training and mentoring, would allow these businesses to flourish, and this would have a considerable poverty reduction impact on the people and economies in these communities.

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