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Our Organisation

Our Vision

Better is coming… Better Living, Better Life!

Inspiring self-reliance while building individual capacity in local communities in Fiji.

Our Mission

FijiLIFE uses registered charities in Fiji to transform individuals and create lasting change.

We fund and advance social and public welfare in Fiji by helping:

  • people living with diabetes, spinal cord injury, or cancer with health care, home modifications, and assistive technology
  • those who are physically challenged through disease, blindness, or are visually impaired
  • children with congenital heart disease
  • children disadvantaged through poverty or not having the resources to obtain an education and build a better life
  • poor communities and the environment through cyclone-proof housing and economic development
  • the sick, aged, infirm, and mentally challenged residents in rest homes.


FijiLIFE Foundation Limited ABN 50-652-805-742 is an Australian charity Founded by Dr Mike Gosling, Karen Gosling, and Daniel Gosling on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The not-for-profit organisation was registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) and approved by The Australian Tax Office (ATO) for DGR and charity tax concession status on 13 August, 2021.

What this means: All donations/gifts over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

The charity has a Board with 3 volunteer members  Dr Mike Gosling as Chair, Mr Peni Kacimaiwai, and Dr Eta Raicebe. The Board will ensure that funds raised go to registered charities in Fiji under the guidance of the ACNC. However, like any business, FijiLIFE Foundation will incur costs including banking & financial fees, staff cost, and travel & accommodation for Board visits to Fiji as required. We appreciate your donation towards the costs of administering this charity for the benefit of poor and disadvantaged Fijians.


Integrity — We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards; we will do what we say we will do; we are honest and transparent in all we do; and we strive for fairness, equity, and opportunity for all.

Empowerment — We foster positive lasting change in people’s lives through enabling them to take action in their own lives.

Action — We focus on bold service, care, and life to make an impact to fulfil our vision.

Collaboration — We partner with the Fijian Government and Fiji Charities to achieve more; we are stronger together; we deeply respect the strengths of those with whom we work; we embrace diversity and celebrate inclusion.


Fiji is one of the most beautiful countries on earth to live in and yet the poverty rate is a national crisis and the country’s education and health services are stretched.

The latest poverty figures show that poverty reduction had stagnated in Fiji, even before the impact of COVID-19.

The FijiLIFE Foundation raises funds to donate to those working on the frontline to address this national crisis.

Ending poverty benefits us all.


A Donor in general is a person, organization, or government that donates cash or gifts-in-kind to FijiLIFE Foundation. A Donor can also provide gifts, wills, bequests and endowments.

FijiLIFE Foundation is able to accept tax deductible gifts over $2 from individuals and corporations in Australia and other non-tax deductible gifts from international donors.

FijiLIFE Foundation will also run a lottery or raffle with prizes to raise money for the charity.



General donations to the FijiLIFE Foundation are directed to the FijiLIFE Overseas Aid Funds. Donors who wish to support significant projects within Fiji, to relieve the sickness, suffering, misfortune, education, or poverty of people in need, can make their contribution to FijiLIFE Foundation’s Public Benevolent Institution (PBI).

While FijiLIFE Foundation is not limited in the beneficiaries we can support, our PBI places particular focus on projects for charities who have signed an MOU with FijiLIFE Foundation:

      • Chanel Home of Compassion
      • Diabetes Fiji
      • Fiji Cancer Society
      • Fiji Society for the Blind
      • Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji
      • JP Bayly Trust
      • Koroipita – Model Towns Charitable Trust
      • Make A Difference Fiji
      • Sai Prema Foundation
      • Viti Spinal Injuries Association

All major FijiLIFE projects, whether funded wholly by a donor or jointly with other Foundations, need to:

      • Be compliant with Australian tax law
      • Address one or more of our causes
      • Meet the well-researched needs of the group being assisted
      • Be demonstrably sustainable in the long term

In addition, these projects must be evaluated and reported upon after completion, to ensure compliance with these requirements and to confirm that the funds have been used as agreed. Our large donors receive copies of these reports.

FijiLIFE Foundation will ensure that projects undertaken in Fiji are compliant with Australian tax law.